Understanding Medicare Part D

If you have either Medicare Part A or Part B, or both, you are eligible to enroll in this prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D.

If you have original Medicare, one of the optional programs you can choose is Medicare Part D. If you have either Medicare Part A or Part B, or both, you are eligible to enroll in this prescription drug coverage. Medicare Part D reduces your prescription costs, although you will have a monthly premium and an annual deductible to meet. These amounts vary depending on which insurance plan you choose, so you should take care to do your research.

To have peace of mind that you have all the information you need and can be matched with the right Medicare Part D plan, it is best to work with a brokerage agency. At Independent Benefit Advisors in Apex, North Carolina, our multi-generational, family-owned business is happy to help you. We are independent and not tied to a specific insurance provider. In essence, that means we work for you, not the insurance companies. We can advise you on the Medicare Part D plans available in your area and match you with the one that fits your needs the best.

There are both stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans that combine Medicare, prescription drug, and other benefits. We will go over all your options and answer all your questions so you’ll feel confident you have the best coverage for your situation. We are also here for you during open enrollment, special enrollment, and other times when you have questions or wish to review and make changes to your health coverage. Reach out today to get started learning more about Medicare Part D and other options available to you.



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