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Open Enrollment In The Healthcare Marketplace For Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina Opens November 1st

The open enrollment period for individual health insurance in NC, through the healthcare marketplace, begins on November 1st 2020 and ends on December 15th 2020. Coverage for your new health insurance plan will start on January 1st, 2021. Keep in mind that once the open enrollment period ends, you will not be able to sign up for health insurance again until next year, unless you have a qualifying life event that allows you to sign up for individual health insurance through the Special Enrollment Program (SEP).

If open enrollment has closed, we still offer other individual health insurance supplements, such as short term insurance, vision benefits, and dental insurance. Additionally, if you have a qualifying event, you may be eligible to sign up for individual health insurance under the special enrollment program (SEP). We offer these plans to all residents in North Carolina.

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Choosing The RIGHT Individual Health Insurance Plan in NC

Choosing the right individual health insurance plan in North Carolina doesn’t have to be hard. The Independent Benefit Advisors can help you determine the health insurance plan to give you the right coverage for your medical needs and the right premiums for your budget. We help individuals find the right health insurance in Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, Greensboro, Ashville, Fayetteville, and the entire state of North Carolina. There is NEVER a fee for our services so give us a call at 919-303-9690 or contact us online and let us help you the best health care coverage available to you.

Individual Benefit Supplements

Individual Dental Plans in NC

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One of the most common needs we find among our clients is a need for good dental coverage. A visit to the dentist can be expensive without insurance, but not going to the dentist can cause an immense amount of discomfort and pain. We believe that money shouldn’t be a limiting factor between people and their health.

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Individual Vision Benefits

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We offer 3 eye care plans from Superior Vision:

The Essential Vision Plan (Starting at 12.71/mo)
The Classic Vision Plan (Starting at 15.49/mo)
The Premier Vision Plan (Starting at 18.01/mo)

Find out which vision benefit plan is right for you!

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Individual Short Term Health

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We offer short term insurance plans for people who need health insurance for a short period of time (if you’re between jobs without coverage), which means you don’t have to rely on Cobra as your only option. We’re more than happy to discuss the different short term benefit plans available to you.

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Individual Supplemental Health Care Plans in NC

At Independent Benefit Advisors, in Apex, we have a whole suite of supplemental insurance plans for individuals. A supplemental insurance plan gives you coverage that you might not get with your company group benefit plan. You might find yourself in need of short term health insurance or a dental plan (if your current dental plan doesn’t cover your needs). The above image links to our short term & dental coverage plans.

We Also Offer Vision Benefits To Residents in NC

group health insurance plans north carolinaWe find that many North Carolina residents may have a health insurance plan, but it might not cover vision. Eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and in some cases, surgery, may be a necessity for some individuals. That’s why we’re pleased to present our vision benefit plans form Superior Vision. If you live in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Charlotte, Wilmington, or anywhere in North Carolina, you can enroll now or you can contact us with any questions. We are also available by phone at 919-303-9690

Finding the right health insurance plan for your family can be difficult, stressful and time-consuming.

Health InsuranceIndependent Benefit Advisors is an independent insurance brokerage that helps individuals find healthcare insurance that suits their healthcare needs and their budget. Our benefit advisors have the expertise to answer all of your questions and advise you on all the important considerations so that you can make an informed decision about your individual health insurance.

Independent Benefit Advisors only partners with highly-rated, reputable individual health insurance providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, and Humana. Click below to begin obtain your individualized quote and apply for health insurance for you and your family:

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Let Independent Benefit Advisors serving Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Boone, Charlotte, Fuquay-Varina, Greensboro, Rocky Mount and other North Carolina locations help you make a decision regarding individual health insurance plans. Contact us today!

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