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Group & Employee Health Insurance & Coverage in Boone, NC

Owning a business and finding coverage for your employees can be a challenging task. What level of coverage do you need to offer to be competitive, profitable, and fair to the people you employ? When you talk to experts from Independent Benefit Advisors, we aren’t trying to sell you an insurance plan, we’re trying to figure out a solution that is customized to the needs of your company. Even if you currently have coverage, we can consult with your Boone, NC based business to find out if you have the best employee health insurance benefits. We do more than just health, we also offer the following solutions to our business customers in Boone and surrounding areas.

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Assistance With Medicare in Boone?

If you are signing up for Medicare for yourself or a loved one, you may have come to our website after experiencing confusion with Medicare . We want to help you understand everything that goes into Medicare, ask the right questions, and ultimately find the solution that best suits your needs. Whether you need help with Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, or any other Medicare needs, we have the answers to the questions you have.

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Supplemental Health Insurance For Individuals in Boone, NC

If you’ve ever left a job for a new position, you may have had some decisions to make around your individual health care plan. Do you sign up for cobra, which can be expensive, or do you take a risk and not have insurance coverage while you’re waiting for your new benefits to kick in? Independent Benefit Advisors offers short term individual health care plans that can often be the best solution in situations where your employee health care hasn’t kicked in or if you find yourself between jobs. We also offer ancillary products, such as dental coverage. We partner with Delta Dental, United Health Care, Humana, BCBSNC, and other providers for these plan supplements. If you live in Boone, NC and can benefit from these services, let us know today.

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